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At, our advisers have been following the turbulent path of health reform and keeping our clients informed every step of the way. If you have questions, we have answers!Our office is dedicated to educating our clients about pending changes in the market, to ways they can optimize their current plan design. In addition to our phone consultations, we have also added an upgraded service available to clients, called the Health Advocate.
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Group Health Summary

Often the success of an organization lies in the effectiveness with which you can attract good people, and hold on to them for the long run. This requires an intentional process of attraction and retention, and creating an environment where your people are equipped to be at their best. Next to salaries, health insurance continues to be an integral piece in this process. Our group benefits division can identify the best and most cost effective match for the needs of your people and your organization. Click here for more information on group benefits, and retention strategies.


"The staff at are full of knowledge about an ever changing industry. They can explain very complex laws and requirements in a way the average person can understand. Also, their team provides very unique solutions to complex issues."

—Michael Diercks

"When it comes to health insurance, picking the right plan is tough, and you can't always trust the advice you get at the Health Insurance Marketplace, because you really can't tell if they are looking out for you. That's what an advocate form is for - and the best part is that there's no extra cost!"

—A. Montgomery

"... The team at have been nothing short of fantastic to work with. From analyzing health plan options, to suggestions about how to best address our family's health care needs, to handling all of the details related to our policies, they have been top notch."

—E. Ransom

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