PauseForCause Award: See Kids Dream

PauseForCause PauseForCause Award: See Kids Dream

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See Kids Dream integrates community service into education. Through our service learning program the Penny Harvest students gain a deep understanding of community issues. They learn how to identify community resources and become engaged in helping to find solutions working together to solve the challenges facing our community. The students build leadership and critical thinking skills and they find relevance in their school work.

The idea for See Kids Dream started with a conversation that founders, Bill and Laura Grindle had about their early experiences with volunteering. While growing up, Bill spent many hours volunteering with his family and friends. Laura on the other hand, had very little opportunity to volunteer in her community while she was young. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she was able to volunteer through her church and in her community. During their conversation about these different experiences, Laura and Bill discussed how critical an early volunteer experience can be in positively shaping a person’s view of themselves and the world around them. From that conversation, they committed that someday, they would find a way to make more opportunities available for kids to experience the power of giving.

Congratulations to See Kids Dream for becoming PauseForCause’ SIXTH weekly award winner!

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