Shalen (Rucker) Vazquez

Team Shalen (Rucker) Vazquez


Effective 03/24/2017, Shalon N. Vazquez will no longer be with our firm. She has been an
amazing asset to our organization since her first day back in 2009 and she will be missed. We
wish her the very best as she pursues exciting new opportunities in her degreed field of

Director of Operations & Licensed Broker

Shalen Vazquez not only facilitates operations of and serves as a licensed broker, she is an innovative professional with the ability to help drive business growth and assist in a variety of business operations by utilizing analytical, and problem resolution skills. A quick study, easily putting into application new ideas, methods and technologies. A dedicated self-starter, able to thrive in both independent and collaborative work environments; holding a high level of proficiency in client relations and needs assessment, financial management, administration, and project management.

For additional information or to speak with an insurance expert, please call Shalen Rucker at (614) 336-3636 or email her at

Our facility for Affordable Health Insurance is in Dublin Ohio

565 Metro Place S, Suite 300
Dublin Ohio 43017
(866) 577-3720

Contact Shalen by email at