Alternatives to COBRA

Alternatives to COBRA

If you have recently lost your job, upon unemployment, some of you will qualify for a COBRA extension for your Ohio individual health insurance.

However, not all companies are required to extend Ohio COBRA benefits (only companies with over 20 employees).

Even if you do qualify for a COBRA extension of your Ohio health plan, you may notice that the cost of coverage is usually MUCH more expensive. Instead of only paying the employee contribution of your health plan, you will have to pay your contribution, the business contribution, and an administration fee.

So many unemployed Ohioans are shocked to see their former contribution of a few hundred dollars significantly increase to a ohio health insurance premium of well over $1,000 per month when they take a Ohio Health Insurance plan COBRA extension! That is why people search for COBRA alternatives and are surprised when an health insurance quote in Ohio is 30-50% cheaper than COBRA.

For more information on COBRA from the Department of Labor, please visit:

Most people get sticker shock when they discover how much their health insurance really costs under COBRA. What they don’t know is that they can often get individual health insurance for themselves and their families for much less.

An individual health plan may be cheaper and wise alternative, and it doesn’t require a long-term commitment if you should find a new job with health benefits. allows online health quotes for Ohio individual health insurance and group health insurance rates that are fast and free with no obligation to buy.

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